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Jarden 01234 Diamond Forster Clothespins CLOTHESPIN PLASTIC SPRING 50PK CLOTHESPINS WD BAG 84MM 50PC
Diamond? assorted color clothespins are easy to use and feature a collection of decorative color clothespins. Functional and effective for multiple uses around your home. Holds up to 10 lb per clip. Weather resistant. Plastic construction. Heavy-gauge wire, withstand repeated use. 3.25 in L x.625 in W x 0.375 in H. Multi-colored, yellow, green, red and blue. Simple Spaces Clothespin, 5/8 in Spring, Open Type: Spring, 3/8 in Width, 5/8 in Thickness, Suitable for: For Use on Clotheslines and for Arts & Crafts
CLOTHESPIN WOOD SPRINGCLP 50PK Lehigh 7097-12 Clothesline Tightener BAG CLOTHESPIN
Hold up to 10 lb per clip. Rust and moisture resistant. Birch hardwood construction. Heavy-duty spring. Heavy-gauge wire withstands repeated use. Classic design. Stops line from sagging. Hardened ball bearings. Will not rust clothes line. For clothesline plastic cord and wire measuring 1/8 in to 5/16 in. Features a metal hanging hook that keeps clothespins close at hand. Made from 100% cotton. This bag has reinforced seams and plastic insert in the rim for durability under heavy use. Holds 150 to 200 clothespins. White. 11 in H x 10 in W.
BSKT LNDRY 24X17-3/8X10-3/8IN BSKT LNDRY 26-3/8X18-1/8X10IN Homebasix HEA00040G Clothes Hanger Sets
Bushel capacity of 1.5. Contoured grip surfaces. Classic design. White color. The 1.25 bushel Ultra? hip hold laundry basket is designed with a contoured shape that rests comfortably against the hip for ease in transporting clothes to and from the laundry room. The basket also offers comfortable handles and durable construction. The Simple Spaces clothes hanger set color is mahogany. The dimensions are 17.5 in L x 9 in W.
Homebasix HEA00040G-N Clothes Hanger Sets CLOTHESLINE 8FT RETRACTABLE   Ham.Beach/Proctor Silex 17291 Traditions Steam Iron
The Simple Spaces clothes hanger set color is natural. The dimensions are 17.5 in L x 9 in W. This item features easy, automatic retraction to effortlessly reel up the 8 ft braided nylon line into a compact, stainless steel and iron housing. Convenient, permanent installation provides hanging space in an instant for the bathroom, laundry area, balcony or dorm. Simply extend the line and hook it to the opposing wall latch for ample drying space. It is the ideal solution for keeping your delicates looking great. Adjustable steam settings, temperature control dial, On/Off indicator light. Push spray button to release a fine spray of water for difficult wrinkles in cotton or linen.
Traditional. Durable wood frame. Galvanized scrub surface. Folds flat for easy storage. Can be moved when fully loaded. 27 ft of drying space. Contains 11 snag-free coated rungs. he Ultra? wheeled hamper offers smooth gliding wheels and a retractable handle that pulls-up to easily transport clothes to and from the laundry room. The lid helps to keep contents contained and concealed and the hole pattern allows clothes to remain ventilated.
You're a designer on a budget who lives 90 miles from the nearest city. So when you set out to reorganize your guest bedroom, you enlisted the help of these square laundry hampers with handles. Constructed from a breathable wicker resin, these stylish hampers exude natural color and confidence when perched on top of your closet shelves. Now all of your extra bedding, sheets, art decor and more can lounge in the roomy interior of these tall laundry baskets. And if you're looking to a buy a laundry bin for your dirty clothes instead, these woven hampers will contain the stink and make the ideal dressed list while doing so. For those who want the freshness of line dried clothes and linens without the permanent, in-yard solution. Designed for wall mounting. Vinyl line quickly reels up when not in use. Sturdy bracket is made from rust-resistant steel. Dimensions: 6.7 in L x 5.5 in W x 2 in H. Traditional. Durable wood frame. Galvanized scrub surface.
Merrick C8850A-CR12 Children's Tubular Hanger IRONING BOARD TABLETOP        IRON STEAM CLASSIC AUTO-OFF
Assorted colors include white, red, yellow and blue. Individual packs each contain 5 of one color, shelf and factory packs are assorted colors by individual pack. Do not specify color. Use on tabletop for small homes, apartments, dorm rooms or the office. Cloth cover. White powder coat finish. Black cap on bottom of the legs. Dimension of 31 in L x 12 in W x 3.1 in H. The Classic? iron with a classic design and a wide range of convenient features, brings simplicity and style back to ironing. A SmarTemp? indicator light ensures you're ironing at the right temperature, while the three-way auto shut-off provides added security and peace of mind.
Sturdy construction for heavy-duty use. 15 "Snag-Free" extra-large coated rungs. Extra-large polished side frames. Staggered rung construction keeps top clothes from dripping on bottom clothes. Total drying space of 41 ft. Retractable cord. Vertical steam smooths drapes and clothes while on the hanger. Powerfull steam performance. Spray/blast. Auto shutoff with reset button. Nonstick soleplate glides easily over fabrics and helps prevent starch buildup. Now you can master more on your chore board with this Large Folding Drying Rack cleanly coated in white and silver. Its 24 ft linear of drying area provides easy ventilation for your all of your favorite garments or household items. Protect ideal pairs of blue jeans, delicate lingerie or vintage pieces from wear and tear of a dryer cycle, all while saving on energy costs.
Merrick C73410-D12 Crystal Cut Dress Hanger SORTER  LAUNDRY W/BAG CHR     CLOTHESPIN PLASTIC SPRING 24PK
Clear plastic with prism design and metal swivel hook. The Simple Spaces laundry sorter with bag is made of white canvas with a chrome mirror polished frame. The dimension are 28-1/2 in x 14-1/2 in x 16-1/2 in. Holds up to 10 lb per clip. Weather resistant. Plastic construction. Heavy-gauge wire, withstand repeated use. 3.25 in L x.625 in W x 0.375 in H. Multi-colored, yellow, green, red and blue.
Merrick C71210-S12 Crystal Cut Skirt/Slack Hanger Merrick C8631A-SHW12 Assorted Tubular Hanger Merrick C84311-GH Tubular Hanger
Each hanger has 2 sliding metal bar clips and swivel hook. Used for heavier clothing to avoid hanger bowing, works well for jeans and coats. Open-ended additional hook for accessories. Assorted colors include white, navy and hunter. Individual packs each contain 3 of one color, shelf and factory packs are assorted colors by individual pack. Do not specify color. Oversized with hook design that allows for sliding accessories such as belts and scarves through opening to keep with matched outfit.
Merrick C72210-S12 Crystal Cut Suit Hanger IRON STEAM DLPSTN SS CORD RED Merrick C9060A-A12 Assorted Attachable Tubular Hanger
Merrick Suit Hanger, Plastic, Clear, 17 in Overall Length, 1 in Overall Width, 9-3/4 in Overall Height Black+Decker, the #1 Brand in irons, is speeding up garment care with the Vitessa? advanced steam iron. The even steam soleplate design produces more consistent steam flow from heel to tip vs BLACK+DECKER IR08x standard iron with standard soleplate for fast, professional results. SmartSteam? Technology combines steam and temperature controls into one easy-to-use dial. Plus, this iron delivers powerful bursts of steam to aggressively take out wrinkles and can even be used vertically to quickly touch-up clothes on the hanger. Attachable hook allows for use alone or stacked interlaced to save space. Assorted colors include white, navy and hunter. Individual packs each contain 6 of one color, shelf and factory packs are assorted colors by individual pack. Do not specify color.
BAG LAUNDRY MESH BLUE 24X36   Merrick C8716A-WH Assorted Sleeved Tubular Hanger Merrick C8944A-CL24 Hanger Grip Clip
This laundry bag with its drawstring has you covered. It's sturdy enough to stand up to wear and tear and its mesh material allows the clothes to breathe and avoids mildew. When the last clothing item has gone into the wash, drop the mesh bag on in, sit back and relax. Assorted colors include 8 white, 3 green and 3 blue, Do not specify color. Intended for use with Merrick hangers, but may be used universally like clothespins.
For going all the way to the laundromat or just down the hall. Use alone, as a replacement bag for most hampers or sorters or as a wash bag for larger items such as linens. Sturdy, washable mesh material lets clothing breathe and helps keep mildew at bay. White drawstring with cord lock. The drawstring closure prevents spilling and doubles as a carrying strap making this laundry bag quick and easy to transport. Washer and dryer safe. Each swiveling hanger has 2 plastic sliding grip clips. Assorted colors include white, navy and hunter. Individual packs each contain 3 of one color, shelf and factory packs are assorted colors by individual pack. Attractive and eco-friendly, this outdoor umbrella dryer is durable and rust-resistant. Includes 12 lines and up to 165 ft of drying space. The steel frame ensures durability and the adjustable height and line tension features make this product very easy-to-use.
Attractive and eco-friendly, this powder-coated steel outdoor drying T-post is durable and rust-resistant. Permanently installed, the 3 in Dia post provides stability for heavy loads and strength against the elements. Attach up to 5 lines to the substantial 45 in cross arm. Embed in cement to install post, string your clothesline, knot and tighten with the included eyehooks and it's ready for use. Designed for post-to-wall installation, the T-post attaches two or more T-posts for a freestanding system. Lightweight, easy-to-carry ironing board has a powder-coated steel frame which is rust-resistant and folds flat when not in use for easy storage. A 100% cotton cover in a sunny orange and yellow striped pattern includes a 7 mm thick foam pad. Adjustable height. Dimension of 54 in L x 13 in W x 35.4 in H. Durable and rust-resistant. The steel frame ensures durability. Adjustable height. In-ground installation required.
Aluminum upper structure and 2-piece galvanized steel post (1-1/2 in Dia). Pivoting top for easy access. Sturdy post that fits securely into the ground sleeve. 30 lines and 210 ft of drying space. Single action opens and closes dryer which folds compactly to store. High impact plastic post cap and slide resist wear. 72 in high, 72 in wide and 84 in deep. Includes ground sleeve. The open laundry hamper combines the size of a hamper with the convenience of a laundry basket. The hamper provides a contemporary shape and slim profile to efficiently use valuable floor space in the home. Integrated handles allow for easy lifting and transporting. This hamper is an ideal solution for apartments and dorm rooms. This 5-line extendable clothesline features an automatically retracting line for quick and effortless storage. The sturdy clotheslines are easy to clean and extend out 34 ft for use indoors or outdoors. Ideal for use in the laundry room, bathroom or balcony. Dry dozens of items at once with a combined 170 ft of drying space.
4 LEG IRONING BOARD WITH REST LAUNDRY CENTER 3-SORTER ELITE ClosetMaid 3458 Ironing Caddy 7-1/2 in W x 12 in H
Our Price: $129.99
Quad-Leg with retractable iron rest ironing board, white/blue cover. Classic styling and modern conveniences combine in this sturdy quad-leg ironing board. An integrated, retractable iron rest is the ideal spot to rest a warm iron and prevent scorching. The white, powder-coated steel frame offers 7-level of adjustable height and incorporates a safety lock device. It's rust-resistant and folds flat when not in use for easy storage. A 100% cotton cover in a blue striped pattern includes a 4 mm T foam pad for a smooth ironing surface every time. Glowing amid your dirty clothes like a beacon of style, this modern laundry hamper effortlessly glides from room to room while helping you separate your whites, darks and gold lame loungewear. The breathable black mesh bags keep you breathing a little more fabulously on chore day. Both functional and fancy, this 4-bag laundry sorter has enough moxie to wear designer clothes and separate all the ones that need washing. This accessory helps make those boring chores slightly easier, by storing everything you need in one place you can just get on with the ironing and once you're done put the iron back in its place out of sight and out of the way until your it comes to doing your next load.
Hip Hugger FG299787WHT Laundry Basket
Three sturdy, grab-through handles and a curved design that rests on your hip makes this basket ideal for easy lifting. Its sturdy construction and smooth finish makes it durable and prevents clothes from snagging.