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Arizona 10198 Flexible Mist Stand Arizona 10057W Portable Mist Cool Stand Orbit 10106H Unique Misting Nozzle
Arizona Mist Stand, Flexible, Brass/Stainless Steel, Arizona, 1/4 in Diameter X 30 in Length Arizona Mist Cool Stand, Portable, PVC, Arizona, Suitable For Use With: Misting System, 80 psi, Blue Green/Red/Purple, 10 sq-ft Coverage Area, For Sunbathing, Working in the Yard, Keeping Pets Cool, Watering Exotic Plants and Barbecues The brass and stainless steel misting nozzle is the most efficient and water-conservative mist nozzle available today. It only uses 1/2 gal/hr per nozzle and features a sturdy brass body with stainless steel orifice. The nozzle requires simple maintenance - just soak periodically in misting nozzle cleaner to remove mineral deposits that may accumulate with usage.
Orbit 10056H/10056W Flexible Nozzle Extension Orbit 20066 Mini Portable Mist Cooling System Orbit 30068 Basic Extension Mist Cooling Kit
ORBIT IRRIGATION PRODUCTS Nozzle Extension, Flexible, Specifications: 4 in Length, Plastic ORBIT IRRIGATION PRODUCTS Orbit Mist Cooling System, Mini, Portable, Orbit, 80 psi Maximum, 1/4 in Connection, 10 ft Coverage Diameter, 20 ft Length Tubing, 20 deg F, For Outdoor Use With Cold Water Only ORBIT IRRIGATION PRODUCTS Orbit Mist Cooling Kit, Basic Extension, Brass/Stainless Steel/PVC, Orbit, 3/8 in Diameter X 10 ft Length, Includes: (1) 20 ft Mist Tubing With Fittings, (5) Brass and Stainless Steel Mist Nozzles, (10) Hanging Clamps and (1) End Cap, For Outdoor Use With Cold Water Only
Orbit 30060 Basic Mist Cooling System Orbit 16055 Mist Cooling System
Enjoy the outdoors in any heat with the basic preassembled mist cooling kit. The kits flexible, UV-resistant tubing consists of 10 ft of feed line connected to 12 ft of mist line, creating 12 ft of linear mist cooling (24 sq-ft of mist area). Extension kits are available to expand your mist system to up to 50 ft (25 nozzles) with appropriate water pressure. The kit includes everything needed for a quick installation. The Orbit performance 12 ft PVC mist cooling system. Its the perfect rigid cooling solution for home patios and outdoor recreational areas. Its also a great way to cool animal shelters and dog runs, reducing surrounding temperature up to 20 deg F. This kit includes everything needed to easily assemble 12 ft of mist cooling line with no special tools needed. The system can be expanded up to 250 ft with sufficient available water pressure.